Jacob Michelson
Nutricare International

Nutricare International is a manufacturer and distributor of various nutritional and vitamin products. The company was established specifically to promote and distribute Nutricare health products worldwide, and today Nutricare International has positioned itself as a solid, independent company in itself with its proprietary line of products and various private-label product line catering to clients around the globe.

Our corporate headquarters is in Los Angeles, California and we manufacture products in various facilities throughout the United States, through our partners, where we create a wide range of specialty nutritional products. Nutricare International is a strong part of the massive American nutritional and health supplement industry. As in all other industries, the company is organized to enhance efficiency and effectiveness by specializing each aspect of business into certain areas such as R&D, ingredient suppliers, encapsulators, manufacturing, packaging, and distributing.

We are very proud of our portfolio of quality, competitive products, including natural and organic products in tablet and capsule form and a line specifically designed for the healthcare segment of the food service industry. Our products are exclusively marketed through a network of nationwide distributors, as our own brands and under various private brands such as Elixir, LifeLab, When Fat, Dr. Max and others. Nutricare International combines the values of a family-owned and operated business with state-of-the art technology to bring quality and value to our customers.

Nutricare is not just another company – it is an industry in itself

Nutricare International is specializing in “private label” manufacturing in former USSR countries .

Please, contact our Moscow office for any requests for any business interest or private label.